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IEEE 334-1974 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Type Tests of Continuous Duty Class 1E Motors for Nuclear Power Generating Stations.
IEEE 334 provides direction in demonstrating the adequacy of continuous duty Class 1E electric motors, both inside and outside the containment of nuclear power generating stations, to perform all of their required Class 1E functions under all required service conditions.
Motor design criteria and qualification procedures for the required Class 1E functions shall be chosen to equal or exceed the requ irements of the service conditions specified for the plant. In some plants motors need operate for only a few days under design basis event conditions. In other plants, motors may have to keep running for far longer periods, or under different conditions. Therefore, each user of this standard should select the requirements that shall be met and prepare his specification accordingly.
The motor specifications shall include:
(1) The minimum performance requirement of the motor under normal, test, shutdown, design basis event, and post design basis event conditions
(2) The range of voltage and frequency conditions under which the motor will provide rated mechanical power
4.1 Design Basis Event Conditions. Test procedures to demonstrate adequacy for the required Class 1E functions require knowledge of motor construction and the particular features upon which expected performance depends.
For motors designed to maintain “usual air environment,” tests shall demonstrate that these designs maintain an internal environment that makes applicable the data collected under IEEE Std 117-1974. Test Procedure for Evaluation of Systems of Insulating Materials for Random-Wound AC Electric Machinery, IEEE Std 275-1966 (Reaff 1972), Test Procedure for Evaluation of Systems of Insulation Materials for AC Electric Machinery Employing Form-Wound Preinsulated Stator Coils, or IEEE Std 429-1972 (ANSI C50.26-1972), Evaluation of Sealed Insulation Systems for AC Electric Machinery Employing FormWound Stator Coils (plus field experiences).IEEE 334 pdf download.

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