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IEEE 383-1974 pdf download.IEEE Standard for Type Test of Class 1E Electric Cables, Field Splices, and Connections for Nuclear Power Generating Stations.
IEEE 383 provides direction for establishing type tests which may be used in qualifying Class IE electric cables, field splices, and other connections for service in nuclear power generating stations. General guidelines for qualifications are given in IEEE Std 323-1974, Standard for Qualifying Class IE Electric Equipment for Nuclear Power Generating Stations. Categories of cables covered are those used for power control and instrumentation services.
Though intended primarily to pertain to cable for field installation, this guide may also be used for the qualification of internal wiring of manufactured devices
IEEE 383 not cover cables for service within the reactor vessel.
2.1 Introduction. Type tests described in this document are examples of methods which may be used to qualify electrical cables, field splices and connections for use in nuclear power generating stations. Tests of the cable or connection assembly, as applicable, should then supplement th. cable tests in order to qualify the connections and other aspects unique to planned usage.
The values of pressure, temperature, radiation. chemical concentrations, humidity. and time used do not represent acceptable limits for all nuclear power generating stations. The user of this guide should assure that the values used in the required type tests represent acceptable limits for the service conditions in wtiich the cable or connections, or both will be installed.IEEE 383 pdf free download.

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