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IEEE 935-1989 pdf free.IEEE Guide on Terminology for Tools and Equipment to Be Used in Live Line Working.
IEEE 935 applies to terminology for tools and equipment used in live line working. This standard is not intended to be a dictionary giving detailed definitions of all the terms used in live line working, but only the necessary details, without indications of their components and their methods of use, to permit identifIcation of the tools and equipment and to standardize their names.
Terms used in this guide represent the terms normally used in North America. English terms in the IEC Publication 743 (1983), Terminology for Tools and Equipment to Be Used in Live Working. will typically use the word pole instead of stick and wnon instead of tongue. It should also he noted that there are other tools available and presently in use that are not shown in this guide.
1.2 General Terms
1.2.1 Difference between Insulated and Insulating Tools Insulated Tool
A tool made of conductive material and fully or partly covered by insulating material. Insulating Tool
A tool essentially made of insulating material.
1.2.2 Insulating Tool Components End Fitting
Part (generally metallic) permanently fitted to the ends of insulating tube or rod. Foam
An insulating material composed of closed polyurethane cells. Its purpose is to prevent the ingress and migration of moisture. Rod
Solid rod composed of synthetic insulating material, normally reinforced. Auxiliary Arm Assembly
Support tools arranged to form an auxiliary arm, to lift conductors off their insulators, Hand Stick
Used to operate on network components at a distance. It is subjected only to the loads imposed by the worker.
1) universal hand stick
2) wire culling stick Insulating or Insulated Hand Tools
Constructed of insulating material or of conductive material (e.g., metal) primarily for mechanical strength. and then coated or covered with insulating material to protect the worker from electrical contact and to avoid flashovers.

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