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IEEE C37.46-2000 pdf free.Amerian National Standard for High Voltage Expulsion and Current-Limiting Type Power Class Fuses and Fuse Disconnecting Switches.
IEEE C37.46 establishes specifications for high voltage (above 1000 volts) expulsion and current-limiting type power class fuses, and accessories. All of these devices are intended for use on alternating current systems. These specifications apply to the following specific types of equipment:
a) Expulsion type power class fuses
b) Current-limiting type power class fuses
c) Power class fuse disconnecting switches
d) Expulsion and current-limiting type, indoor power class fuses, items (a) through (C), used in fuse enclosure packages (FEP) (see types listed in clauses 1.1 and 1.2 below)
e) Fuse supports, fuseholders, fuse hooks, fuse units, and refill units, of the type used exclusively with power class fuses and fuse disconnecting switches.
f) Removable switch blades of the type used exclusively with power class fuses and fuse disconnecting switches.
g) Fuse links of the type used exclusively with power class fuses and fuse disconnecting switches.
The power class expulsion fuses listed above are similar to those now covered in lEO 60282-2. These power class expulsion fuses are similar to their class “B” fuses. At present, ANSI/IEEE standards do not cover the class “C” fuses listed in the lEG standard. Some of the power class current-limiting type fuses listed above are similar to those now covered in lEO 60282-1. This ANSI standard contains specific requirements for more types of current-limiting fuses than lEG 60282-1. Use caution if devices specified and tested per ANSI/IEEE standards are compared to those specified and tested per IEC standards as they may or may not be the same.
In the headings and the text of this document there will be some areas where information is included in brackets []. The information in the brackets is a term used in lEG standards that may be similar to the term we are using, a term that is common in some parts of the world, or is a term that has been used previously in ANSI and IEEE standards. Caution is again advised when making comparisons.

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