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ISO 4195:2007 pdf free.Conveyor belts with heat-resistant rubber covers — Heat resistance of covers — Requirements and test methods.
ISO 4195:2007 specifies requirements and test methods for the relative level of heat resistance of conveyor belt covers made of rubber. It gives the variations of hardness, elongation at break and tensile strength after exposure to heat. It is applicable only to those conveyor belts having a cover thickness greater than or equal to 4 mm. It is not suitable or valid for light conveyor belts as described in ISO 21183-1.
4 Test method
4.1 Principle
The following properties are measured, before and after exposure to heat according to 4.3.1:
— hardness of covers in accordance with ISO 48:
— elongation at break of covers in accordance with ISO 37,
— tensIle strength of covers In accordance with ISO 37.
a) the possibility of the nveyor bolt cooling, and
b) the fact that contact beten the product the conve belt wil not equallze the temperature.

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