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ISO 5565-1:1999 pdf free.Vanilla [Vanilla fragrans (Salisbury) Ames] — Part 1: Specification.
ISO 5565-1 specifies requirements for vanilla belonging to the species Vanilla fragrans (Salisbury) Ames, syn. Vanilla planifolia Andrews.
ISO 5565-1 is applicable to vanilla in pods, bulk, cut or in the form of powder. It is not applicable to vanilla extracts.
NOTE This vanilla is commonly known under the names associated with its geographic origin, namely Bourbon (from Madagascar, Comores and Reunion), Indonesian, Mexican, Tongan, Indian, Chinese and Ugandan vanilla.
2 Normative references
ISO 948, Spices and condiments — Sampling.
ISO 3493, Vanilla — Vocabulary.
ISO 5565-2:1999, Vanilla Nanilla fragrans (Salisbury) Ames] — Part 2: Test methods.
4 Commercial forms
The following four commercial forms are described in this part of ISO 5565:
a) vanilla pods, consisting of whole pods which may be split;
b) cut vanilla, consisting of parts of pods, split or not, and deliberately cut or broken; c) vanilla in bulk, consisting of vanilla in pods and cut vanilla;
d) vanilla powder, obtained by grinding vanilla pods after drying without additives.
5 General characteristics
5.1 Vanilla pods
Vanilla pods shall:
have the characteristics corresponding to their qualitative category (see clause 6); have undergone a suitable treatment with a view to developing their flavour; be dark chocolate brown to reddish in colour.
The vanilla pods may be naturally frosted, due to the development on their surface of crystals of natural vanillin exclusively, and may have a mark at the bottom one-third of their length.
They shall not:
— have undergone any treatment which could induce a change in their natural vanillin content or in the content of any other constituent of the flavour;
be moth-eaten, mouldy, creosoted, “poiquées” (blistered) or oxidized;
72 Vanillin content
The vanillin content mainly depends on the conditions under which the pods are cultivated, harvested and processed, and also on their length. The vanillin content usually observed, on a wet basis, is between 1 ,6 % and 2,4 % when determined by one of the methods described in 4.2 or 4.3 of ISO 5562-2:1999.
NOTE Pods whose vanillin content is less than 1,6 % can be considered to have resulted from faulty processing. On the other hand, those whose vanillin content is greater than 2,4 % should be subjected to more intensive testing because of the possibility of adulteration by the addition of synthetic vanillin.
8 Sampling
Sampling shall be carried out in accordance with the method specified in ISO 948.
Each laboratory sample shall have a minimum mass of 100 g.
In the case of vanilla pods, the pods taken as increments shall be representative of the packets contained in the packages chosen for sampling.
The sample shall be stored in an airtight container, away from any source of heat and shall be analysed immediately on reception.ISO 5565-1:1999 pdf download.

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