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ANSI A14.5:2000 pdf free.American National Standard for Ladders—Portable Reinforced Plastic—Safety Requirements.
2. General
2.1 Rationale A rationale has been developed covering the specifica- tions and pcrformance requircments of this standard.
2.2 Application This standard is intended for voluntary use by establish- ments that use, manufacture or evaluate ladders. It is also designed to serve as a guide to fedcral and state authorities or other regulatory bodies in the formulation of laws or regulations. The methods employed to ensure the proper regulatory or administrative authority shall determine compliance with this standard.
2.3 Interpretation To secure uniform application of this standard, it is rec- omrended that suggestions involving changes in the requirements or disputes over its interprctation shal be referred to the following organization:
If it is determined that your inquiry requires an interprc- tation of the standard, the inquiry must be submitted in writing and Triodyne Inc. will forward the inquiry to thc appropri ate Subcommnittee Chairman for committee response. In view of the many different kinds of ladders and the many different conditions under which they are used, this standard should be liberally construed considering the rationale (see 2.1). In cases of practical difficulty or under special- service conditions, it is expected that the administrative authority will grant exceptions 10 the lit- eral requirements of this standard or will permit the use of altermate designs or features, but only if equivalent safety is thereby secured. 2.4 Mandatory and Advisory Provisions The word“shall” is to be understood as denoting a mandatory requirement. The word“should” is to be understood as denoting a recommendation. 2.5 Equivalent The wond“equivaient” in this standard means a construc- tion, connection, or matcrial providing equal performance. 2.6 Effective Date The requirements of this standard shal bccome effctive 90 days after the date the revised A14.5 standard is approved by ANSI.
3. Related Standards 3.1 Related American National Standards This standard is intended for use in conjunction with the following Amcrican National Standards (see Section 11): American National Standard Safety Requirements for Scaffolding, ANSI A10.8-1988.ANSI A14.5 pdf download.

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