ANSI HI 9.1-9.5:2000 pdf free download

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ANSI HI 9.1-9.5:2000 pdf free download.Pumps – General Guidelines.
9.2 Definitions 9.2.1 Hardware terms accumulator: A mechanical device which stores pressure energy of any noncompressible liquid held under pressure by an external source against some dynamic force. alleviator: A device, usually a pressure vessel with a liquid-gas interface used to absorb or reduce the hydraulic “shock” or “water hammer” caused by rapidly closing valves. bearing: A device which supports or posi- tions the pump shaft. It may be either a rolling element bearing (ball or roller) or fluid film type (sleeve and journal), and it may be internal (wetted by the pumped liquid) or external. body: An external part which surrounds the periphery of the pumping chamber. It is sometimes called a casing or a housing. burst disc (rupture): A thin membrane or diaphragm, usually of metal, fitted in a suitable holder in the wall of a pressure vessel. Physical proportions of the disc are selected so that it will rupture at a pre- determined pressure, thus providing virtually unob- structed passage for pressure relief. bypass piping: Alternate conduit through which liquid may be made to flow around any compo- nent(s) in a liquid handling system. check valve: A valve which permits flow in one direction only. column, piping: A vertical pipe by which the pump is suspended. compound gauge: A gauge capable of measuring vacuum and pressure. dead weight tester: An instrument used for calibrating gauges. Known hydraulic pressures are generated by means of weights loaded on a calibrated piston. dynamometer (see transmission dynamometer): A device used to determine pump input power. eddy current drive coupling: A device in which drive coupling excitation of a coil sets up a mag- netic drag that controls the output speed. end plate: An external part that closes an end of the body to form the pumping chamber. One or more are used, depending on the construction of the pump. It is sometimes called a head or cover. flexible coupling: A device for connect- ing two rotating shafts that is designed to accept lim- ited, varying amounts of misalignment between shafts. fluid drive: A drive in which hydraulic fluid serves as a means of transmitting power from one part of the system to another. foot valve: A check valve installed at the foot of the suction line. gland, packing: An adjustable follower that compresses packing in a stuffing box. heat exchanger: A device that transfers heat from one fluid to another.ANSI HI 9.1-9.5 pdf download.

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