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1.5 Materials and Heat Treatment. A designation of the required material and heat treatment can be included as a part of the AGMA Classification Number. Designation numbers are provided which identify gear materials, heat treatments, and hardness ranges (see Section 7). 1.6 Exceptions. This Standard does not apply to enclosed gear unit assemblies, including speed reducers or increasers, gear motors, shaft mounted reducers, high speed units, or other enclosed gear units which are sold on a rated horsepower basis for a given speed, ratio, or application. Gear design and backlash is beyond the scope of this Standard. Refer to the latest AGMA Publications Index for applicable standards. This Standard does not apply to gears larger than 400 inches (10 000 mm) in pitch diameter, or larger than 10 inches (250 mm) in face width, (per helix, if double helical or herringbone); or helix angies exceeding 45 degrees. NOTE: Tolerance values for gears outside the limits stated in this Standard should be established by determining the specific application requirements. This may require seting a tolerance smaller than calculated by the formulas in this Standard, particularly for tooth allignment of gears with face widths over 10 inches (250 mm).
2.2 Definitions. The following definitions are listed in alphabetical order. In order to convey the greatest amount of information however, the names of several terms have been rearranged so that the principal characteristics will be grouped together. Thus, the term Allowable Pitch Variation may be found in the list. However, it refers the reader to Pitch Variation, Allowable where the definition is found. This achieves a close grouping of the related features of the basic characteristic, pitch. The reader can compare these terms without having to search the entire list.
Measurement Over Pins. The measurement of the distance taken over a pin positioned in a tooth space and a reference surface. The reference surface may be the reference axis of the gear, a datum surface, oI either one or two pins positioned in the tooth space or spaces opposite the first. This measurement is used to determine tooth thickness.ANSI AGMA 2000-A88 pdf download.

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