ANSI EIA-364-32C-2000 pdf free

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ANSI EIA-364-32C-2000 pdf free.Thermal Shock (Temperature Cycling) Test Procedure for Electrical Connectors and Sockets.
3 Test specimen
3.1 Description
A test specimen shall consist of a plug, a receptacle, or a mated plug and receptacle, as defined
in the referencing document.
3.2 Preparation
3.2.1 The test specimen shall he assembled with contacts, wires and sealing plugs. prior to the test, unless otherwise specified.
3.2.2 The wire lengths shall he of sufficient continuous length to interconnect the test specimen and test equipment, as may be specified for pre- and post-test measurements.
3.2.3 Specimens not normally equipped with an integral coupling device shall hc maintained in the simulated mated condition by a suitable fixture. The fixture shall be made as light weight as possible and of low thermal capacity material, in order to reduce “heat sink” effects that would reduce the severity of thermal shock. For specimen mass determination prior to wiring the specimen; see 4.3.
4 Test procedure
4.1 Mounting
The specimens shall be placed in such a position with respect to the air stream that there is substantially no obstruction to the flow of air across and around each specimen. When special mounting is required. it shall he specified.
4.2 Initial measurements
Specified measurements shall be made prior to the first cycle, and they shall be made at standard ambient conditions.
4.3 Specimen mass determination
Before cycling, the combined mass of the assembly (mated, if applicable) to be tested shall be determined. The mass shall include contacts, sealing plugs and specimen accessories attached to the specimen and wire. The weight of any fixture used to hold the specimens in the mated condition shall also be determined. The mass of the specimen in table I is the total mass of the mated assembly. wire and any fixture attached to the specimen. The mass of wiring to the specimens (e.g. polarizing voltage, low level contact resistance measurements, or when testing cable assemblies) in the confines of the chamber shall be included in the mass determination.ANSI EIA-364-32C pdf download.

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