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ANSI S12.10:2002 pdf free.Acoustics一Measurement of airborne noise emitted by information technology and telecommunications equipment.
5.1.2 Floor-standing equipment Requirements for reverberation rooms Floor-standing equipment shall be located at least 1,5 m from any wall of the room and no major surfaces shall be parallel to a wall of the reverberation room. Requirements for hemi-anechoic rooms Floor-standing equipment shall be installed on the reflecting (hard) floor at a sufficient distance (more than 2 m, if possible) from the walls, unless otherwise specified in annex C. The equipment shall be installed in a way which allows access to all sides except the reflecting plane(s). The dimensions of the reflecting plane(s) shall extend beyond the test object by at least the measurement distance. The requirements for reflection are specified in the note to 7.3.1. The plane(s) shall not contribute to the sound radiation due to their own vibrations. Common requirements If the equipment being tested consists of several frames bolted together in an installation or is too large for testing purposes, the frames may be measured separately. In such circumstances, additional covers may be required for the frames during the acoustical evaluation. These additional covers shall be acoustically comparable with the other covers on the equipment. If a unit is mechanically or acoustically coupled to another unit so that the noise emission levels of one are significantly influenced by the other, the equipment being tested shall, where practicable, include all units coupled together in this way. Floor-standing equipment which is to be installed only in front of a wall shall be placed on a hard floor in front of a hard wall (see the note in 7.3.1). The distance from the wall shall be in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or as specitied in annex C. If such information is not available, the distance shall be 0,1 m.ANSI S12.10 pdf download.

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ANSI CSA NGV2a-2001 pdf free

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ANSI T1.401.04:2000 pdf free.Network to Customer Installation Interfaces一 Analog Voicegrade Switched Access Lines with the Call Waiting, Distinctive Call Waiting, or Calling Identity Delivery on Call Waiting Feature. 3.1.5 Calling Identity Delivery on Call Waiting (CIDCW): A supplemental feature provided with the Calling Number Delivery (CND), Calling Name Delivery (CNAM), or both the CND and CNAM features that provides a...
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