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ANSI UL 62:2000 pdf free.Flexible Cord and Fixture Wire.
3 References
Section 3 effective July 2, 1998
3.1 Wherever the designation “UL 1581” is used in this wire Standard, reference is to be made to the designated part(s) of the Reference Standard for Electrical Wires, Cables, and Flexible Cords (UL 1581).
3.2 A fixture wire is a single conductor, whereas hoistway cable and flexible cord are assemblies of two or more conductors. Fixture wire has a solid conductor or either a 7-strand construction or a flexible stranding, whereas a flexible cord always has flexible stranding. Aside from the metal conductor itself, however, the requirements for fixture wire are essentially the same as for flexible cord.
3.3 It is to be noted that a flexible conductor is always stranded but that a stranded conductor is not
necessarily flexible — for example, a 7-strand fixture wire is not a flexible conductor when compared with
a wire having a larger number of finer strands.
4 Materials
Section 4 effective July 2, 1998
4.1 Each material used in a flexible cord, hoistway cable, or fixture wire shall be compatible with all of the other materials used in the cord or wire.
4.2 Due to possible incompatibility, TPE materials of the styrenic type may not be suitable for use in cords whereby direct contact with PVC may occur. A separator is one acceptable means of avoiding direct contact. Other combinations of materials which could be incompatible, if any, are as yet undetected.
5 Grounding Conductor
Section 5 effective July 2, 1998
5.1 No grounding conductor shall be included in any Type SPT-2W, SPT-1W, XTW, clock, CXTW, TPT, TST, or TS cord regardless of the size of the circuit conductors or in any of the cords described in and, but one or more grounding conductors are acceptable (see 8.3, 8.4, and 8.7 for size) in any other cord in which the circuit conductors are 18 AWG or larger. A grounding conductor shall not be sectioned.
6 Index Tables
Section 6 effective July 2, 1998
6.1 A flexible cord, hoistway cable, or fixture wire shall be one of the types indicated in Tables 6.1 — 6.21 and shall comply in all respects with the requirements for construction and test performance that apply to the particular type.ANSI UL 62 pdf download.

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