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ASTM D4574-06(2017) pdf free.Standard Test Methods For Rubber Compounding Materials – Determination Of Ash Content.
These test methods cover the determination of ash content of rubber chemicals.
4. Summary of Test Methods
4.1 Thc ash contcnt is dctcrmined by heating a known quantity of the rubber chemical on a hot plate or over a gas burner to volatilize the sample and then heating in a mutile furnace to complete the ashing process.
4.2 Sample preparation, procedures, calculations, and precision statements will be found in each section dealing with a particular Ribber chemical.
5. Significance and Use
5.1 These lest methods are suitable for the determination of the ash content of rubber compounding materials. The test methods may be used for quality controL product acceptance, or research and development. Classification D4676 prescribes percent ash as an important characteristic of rubber anlidegradants.
13. Precision and Bias
13.1 This precision and bias section has been prepared in accordance with Practice D 4483. Refer to Practice D 443 for terminology and other statistical details.
13.2 The precision results in this precision and bias section give an estimate of the precision of this test method with the materials (rubbers) used in the particular inlerlabordlory programs as described below.
13.9 The relative repeatability (r) and reproducibility (R) have been omitted from Table I since (he level of values tested was extremely low and approached the limits of sensitivity of the test method. Under these circumstances the relative values become trivial.
13.10 Bias—In test method terminology, bias is the difference between an average test value and the reference (or true) test property value. Reference values have not been evaluated for this test method. Bias. therefore, cannot be determined.ASTM D4574 pdf download.

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