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IEEE 460-1988 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Electrical Measuring Transducer for Converting AC Electrical Quantities into DC Electrical Quantities.
IEEE 460 applies to measuring transducers used for converting AC electrical quantities such as current, voltage, power (active or reactive), power factor, phase angle or frequency to direct current or voltage. Within the effective range, a change of output is a function of the corresponding change of input that produces it. An auxiliary supply may be needed to power active circuitry.
1.1.1 It applies only to applications where the frequency of the ac input(s) lies between 15 Hz and 1 kHz.
1.1.2 If a measuring transducer is part of a system for the measurement of nonelectrical quantity, this standard may be applied to the ac electrical measuring transducer if the trans. ducer otherwise falls within the scope of this standard.
1.1.3 This standard does not attempt to fix case size of construction, mounting dimensions, terminal arrangements, or specify a guaranteed lifetime.
IEEE 460 is intended to:
(1) Specify the terminology and definitions relating to transducers whose main application is in electrical power engineering.
(2) Unify the test specifications used in evaluating transducer performance.
(3) Specify accuracy classes and also the permissible errors introduced by the various influences for these classes.

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